Why is mother and child health important?

Maternal and child health is a big concern toward human dignity and a sign of quality living in a civilized modern world because it impacts the coming generation in every era. A healthy and happy pregnant woman can lead to a prosperous society with minimum behavioral issues. When a baby comes to life, it should celebrate with joy, and mothers should be loved and appreciated for their suffering with physical pain and mood swings they cope with during pregnancy. Every mother should have admittance to good healthcare during and after pregnancy, and every newborn baby should be honored with a healthy start in life.

In remote areas or developing countries, women are vulnerable to health issues during childbirth. A little care and some medical checkups can save women and newborn babies from such severe health issues.

Ignorance of mother and child health can lead to the following issues 

Maternal deaths:

According to a WHO survey, 800 pregnant ladies can’t survive during childbirth every day. The maternal death rate is still the same in native areas where women cope with domestic violence and financial issues, and some are not encouraged to give birth to their desired gender. So, they ignore it when they are pregnant.

Lifelong complications for newborn and mother: 

Millions of humans are surviving with lots of birth abnormalities like organ disabilities. Mothers suffer from different kinds of pains and nutrient deficiency etc.

Premature birth:

Premature babies either die or hardly survive with lots of complications.

Newborn child deaths:

Lack of proper health care in an emergency during delivery can cause death to the newborn. It also has an impact on the mother’s mental health.

Mental health issues:

With a lack of maternal health facilities, a woman can feel ignored insulted, and lonely. That causes pain and severe mental issues.


Improper family planning can lead to overpopulation a kind of society, fewer resources, and a lack of living facilities.

Despite the above problems, lack of sexual well-being and maternal health care can cause viral diseases e.g.

HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. Native pregnant women and young girls are even more likely to face worse motherly health facilities and regular discernment and misuse from mother-baby health center nurses. For example,

In India, most pregnant women are treated by local ladies with are not professional nurses.

All of the above influences disappoint mothers from staying at so-called health centers throughout pregnancy and after giving birth, and often pregnant ladies during pregnancy trust old-style birth assistants in the Public as their only foundation of maternal health provision. The taboo in native areas of giving birth at home continues from generation to generation. These pregnant ladies have admittance to any native health teaching with fewer facilities, departing them without the assistance or implementation to recognize and delight problems during pregnancy and childbirth. The lack of organization, conveyance, and teaching methods about females and babies are still disappearing in delivery.

A mother’s worthy health also supports guaranteeing the noble health of her baby child and other family members. Physical examinations, some blood tests during pregnancy, and prenatal checkups to check for matters such as nutrient deficiency, impurities, hypertension, and birth flaws. Regular tests during pregnancy measure issues, such as weightiness and baby growth. Ultrasonic checkups evaluate baby organs and proper functioning in the mother’s body.

Basics for mother and baby health care:

  • Access to professional health care doctors or clinic checkups.
  • Monitoring of the fetal.
  • Facilities to encourage labor.
  • Encourage vaginal delivery and concerned cesarean birth services.
  • Mother’s nutritional report and breastfeeding facilities.
  • Pain release facilities.
  • Consistent valuation of health issues such as overall
  1.   body curing
  2.  proper functioning of the urinary system
  3.  Weakness
  4.  Mental peace
  5. Back pain.
  • Facilities related to post-delivery situations.
  • Handling for breast inflammation.


Evaluating pregnant women during the pregnancy every month and after delivery for their mental health to prevent anxiety and depression. Directing a valuation of mothers’ mental health. Discovering the influences of deprived motherly health leads to showing the details of why newborn baby and mother health is significant, counting the pregnancy rate and financial situation associated with mother and baby health.


Health care for pregnant women and newborns is as good as respect for humanity. It’s a human right. That is a concerning topic throughout the history of human civilization. In ancient times women were not treated with good hands and health facilities during and after pregnancy. But the modern world has gained awareness about maternal well-being because lack of health facilities can lead to many problems like mother or child death, abnormal newborn babies, immature births, mother mental trauma, mother’s pains and diseases, and child organ improper functioning, etc. there are simple basics like assess to doctor or profession. Post-delivery measures, proper food for the mother, and Brest feeding newborn or diet for a newborn are for mother and child health.

Half of the world is still ignorant of maternal health and baby health. So the women are out there prone to mental issues besides physical health issues and have no access to a doctor.


Q: Is it significant for a pregnant woman to stay connected to a doctor? 

Yes, it is to prevent complications during pregnancy.

Q: Is there any connection between mother and child?

Yes, a proper physical and mental connection makes this bond complete and beautiful. 

Q: What is the importance of maternal and child health?

Maternal health care is not only to the lives of mothers and babies but to the general welfare of society.

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