Earn Money Online

Earn Online

Do you know about earning money online?

Online earning is pay considered one role in life. It is one of the best ways of making money from your income. We can say online money earning is an earning made using the various through the Internet. Online earning money is earning platform where you show your skill and work comfortably. Online earning money now a day is the best way to get a handsome amount.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

Every transaction starts somewhere. Digital payment is the way of today and tomorrow and means any business, large or small, needs to take advantage of electronic transactions. That’s where electronic funds transfer comes in. It is an electronic funds transfer explained.

An EFT transfer is usually very straightforward. There are two parties: the sender of funds and the receiver of funds. Likewise, recipients can be entities like employees, goods suppliers, retailers, and utility companies.

What do you about Freelancing?

You do not need money to start work. You can service on freelancing platforms, whether You are a list builder who builds a list or a B2B service, an artist who creates illustrations, or someone who can write.


Fiverr is the website where you get the best online money with investment or non-investment services for sale. It is the top freelancing website in Pakistan and other countries. Fiverr is the website where you make your gig, and you can start selling your services in dollars.

Fiverr provides you with an opportunity for everyone.

The following are the most profitable services on Fiverr:

  1. Proofreading and Editing
  2. Design Book Covers
  3. Logo Designing
  4. Business Card
  5. Typing work
  6. Virtual Assistant
  7. List Building
  8. SEO
  9. Ad Campaigns
  10. Creating Video Greetings or Intros
  11. Digital Marketing
  12. Article Writing
  13. Cooking
  14. Content writing


Upwork is an American freelancing platform. Upwork to show your work and improve your skill. Upwork is a professional and competition-based website. More than three million jobs worth over USD 1 billion.

In March 2022, Upwork was on the list of TIME100 Most Influential Companies of 2022.

You make your profile on Upwork. Put the skill you have and start work on the Upwork site. Client post jobs on the Upwork site and you can apply with the relevant skill and client check your profile and take an interview, and if you are eligible for this job, you get the job. If your performance on your project is the best, then the client give you a good review and work with you next time.

What kind of services does Upwork offer?

  • Generative AI Services.
  • Resume Writing Services.
  • SEO Services.
  • Translation Services.
  • Transcription Services.
  • Virtual Assistant Services.
  • Email Marketing Services.
  • Web Design Services.


Freelancer is an easy-to-use freelancing platform in Pakistan. Freelancers can create profiles on the website of Freelancer.com and start working.

Freelancer.com has opted milestone payment system.


You make your channel on Youtube. To start on a Youtube channel, you need unique content, and this content must be original. Youtube monetized your content with video and display banner ads. Youtube pays creators according to their category.

Here is the list of top-paying on Youtube

  1. Social Media Marketing
  2. Finance & Investing
  3. Educational Videos
  4. Photography & Film Making
  5. Cars
  6. Lifestyle
  7. Fashion & Clothing
  8. Entertainment
  9. Cooking


Instagram and Facebook are good platforms. Most people do not know that social media influencers make billions of rupees through sponsorship, product reviews, Facebook or Instagram ads, and more. https://www.instagram.com/earnwithwaqasbhatti/


Blogging has been here for generations. It can be a satisfying project for people who love reports; you can start your blog with 5k rupees only.

The process is easy, and you’ll have your blog up. And run before you know it.

The content will ultimately rank on Google through SEO optimization and will start the traffic on your blog.

How to start a blog?

  1. Choose a blogging platform.
  2. Pick a hosting platform. Consider good bandwidth, uptime, and customer support.
  3. Find the right niche.
  4. Select a blog name and domain.
  5. Set up and design your blog.
  6. Brainstorm blog topics.
  7. Write your first blog post.
  8. Create an editorial calendar.
  9. Promote your blog.
  10. Make money blogging.


Success is in your hard work and consistency.

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