The Connection between Science and Technology

Science & Technology

There is a deep and practical relationship between science and technology.

Science and technology are two human projects which are deeply interconnected to each other and run each other’s progression and development. While there is a little bit of difference in the definitions of science and technology.

  • Science

    is the investigation of and study of artificial and natural things. Science is the combination of the study of materialistic and non-materialistic things. Theory building and empirical testing also involving in the study of science. Hence it is the collection of data and the performance of experiments.

  • Technology

    is the practical work of science. We should perform our experiments and make conclusions about our theories. The results of experiments help us to make our inventions. Then that invention will be our technology. Hence technology is the application of scientific understanding procedures to make useful devices and solve technical problems. Hence science and technology are interconnected.

From these definitions, it is clear that technology is dependent on science and bears a deep relationship. The point is that science has both a theoretical element and an experimental element shows how technology can change the range of possibilities in experimental science. Which helps us provide new ways of testing and producing scientific theories?

Comparing Science vs. Technology

Science and technology can be generally compared by their purposes and aims. Science has knowledge and understanding as its goals. Scientific theories are judged by their empirical formulas, explanatory power, and simplicity also. Science’s aim is inside the scientific methods.

Technology has many different aims depending on science context. Its aims are outside of its methods of development. Hence technology has solutions to practical problems as its aim. Technology is improved by its efficiency, expense, ease of use, and the degree of control they allow.

How are science and technology related?

As already stated, Science and Technology are intimately related and their developments are depending on each other. Applied sciences and technologies have a particular closeness In that they often have the same concerns and methods. For example, the designing of a laser may be done both for scientific purposes and for technological purposes (like producing a weapon).

Science contributes Technology

Science and technology are highly interdependent from each other but some are distinct. Science contributes to technology normally in six ways:

  1. New technologies present a direct way of ideas for new technological innovations.
  2. Medium of tools and techniques for more efficient engineering designs and information base for evaluation of the feasibility of different new designs.
  3. Research instruments and laboratory techniques used in experiments eventually find their method in the design or industrial practices, through different ways in different areas.
  4. Creating knowledge that becomes increasingly important in the assessment of technology in terms of its wider social and environmental impacts.
  5. Develops knowledge that enables more efficient strategies of applied research, development, and refinement of new technologies.
  6. The practice of research for the development and comprehension of new human skills and capabilities is useful for different innovative technologies.

In this modern era, the services of science and technology are increasing day by day. This relationship is becoming more strong and effective with the passage of time in this faster scientific world. Technology helps science to discover more informative and accurate results. Science and technology mend together but serve totally different purposes throughout the world. Science has a goal to create answers to questions but technology is to find solutions to the more practical problems in the world. Technology has helped science to discover more accurate outputs that would have never been possible.

Technology has benefitted many areas of science, but one major part of this is the process of organ transplants. It involves the procedure of “removing an organ from a donor and transplanting them into someone who may be very ill or dying from organ failure”.

The relationship between science and technology has proven to become life-changing and a source of more development for many people and institutes also. Technology and sciences build off each other for better performance and if one of them is not available, each area they both relate to will become difunctional. The relationship between science and technology is vital in the world today.


Science and technology differ from each other but it is a bigger reality these are incomplete without each other. Technology is totally dependent on scientific formulas and theories. But science is also totally dependent to make accurate results with the help of technology. Technology is the practical part of scientific theories. The contribution of science and technology lies in uniting empirical theoretical domains of inquiry in order to address questions about science-based, also known as high-tech, innovation processes. Science and technology are used in similar scenarios because of their close relationship with each other. Science always stresses discoveries but technology always stresses inventions. Science is used to make predictions and technology is used to perform predictions in reality of the world to make human life easy. Science explores knowledge, methods, and observations. Technology is the application of these observations. Hence science and technology have strong bonding and are incomplete in this scientific era of inventions without each other.


  1. What is science?

Science is the study of natural and artificial things in this world. Science is the combination of theories, observations, and empirical formulas.

  1. What is technology?

Technology is the application of science. Technology gives output and inventions to use the information and formulas of science.

3. Is science and technology differ from each other?

Yes, science and technology differ from each other but dependent on each other for developments and inventions.

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