Who is Zaka Ashraf? Meet the new head of the PCB


Recently, Najam Sethi went to Twitter to proclaim his reluctance to remain in his role as Chairman of the PCB and to voice his worries about the present state of uncertainty among the parties that are in power.

He added that he does not want to be a bone of contention between the associated government parties, PPP and PNLN and that instability and uncertainty are not healthy for the Pakistan Cricket Board. He also indicated that he does not want to be a bone of contention between the PPP and PNLN.

The Promotion of Zaka Ashraf to the Position of Chairman

Najam Sethi, when asked about the possibility of Zaka Ashraf being the next Chairman of the PCB, replied that he is pleased with the choice and that he would be ready to step down from his position.

The selection of the chairman of the PCB has recently been a subject of contention between both of their parties.

Zaka Ashraf, who served as chairman of the PCB in the past, is the candidate that the PPP plans to nominate, while the PML-N supports Sethi’s continuation in his current role.


About Zaka Ashraf

Following Najam Sethi’s decision to step down as Chairman of the PCB, Zaka Ashraf will take over in that role for the third time. During the period when the PPP was in power, he was given his first appointment as chairman in 2011. He was dismissed from his position in 2013, but he was reinstated the following year.

He has strong connections with members of the PPP party, particularly Asif Ali Zardari. Even though he is not officially affiliated with cricket, he has a great deal of expertise in the business world and has held positions such as president of Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited (ZTBL) and chairman of the Asian Cricket Council.

Zaka Ashraf has been praised for his contributions to international cricket and the revival of bilateral cricketing relations with India. Both of these accomplishments were made possible via his efforts.

In December 2012, the Pakistani squad traveled to India to compete in a brief series under his direction.

Make Use of Najam Sethi in Other Places – PPP

The fact that the PPP’s minister now serves as the head of the Inter-Provincial Coordinating Division is the impetus behind the PPP’s insistence on naming Zaka Ashraf as the next Chairman of the party.

According to the leaders of the PPP, since the PCB is connected to the Ministry of Finance, the PPP should be the one to choose the chairman of the board.

PPP member Faisal Karim Kundi said in an interview on Geo News within Dera Ismail Khan that the government has to seek for other areas to use Chairman Najam Sethi’s talents, and he made this statement in the context of the PPP.

He said in no uncertain terms that the PPP had the authority to choose the Chairman of the Board.

Uncertainty and Unpredictability within the PCB

Najam Sethi has been quoted as saying that he has no intention of becoming embroiled in any political chaos. He brought clarity to the situation by declaring that the choice is up to the patron although he would respect whatever decision that Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif made.

It is important to take into account the fact that the PM serves as the PCB’s patron-in-chief.

Speaking on the General Elections of 2023, he claimed that it was the job of the PCB to restore the constitution from 2014 and that they are prepared for the elections with departmental as well as regional leaders on board. He added that the polls would take place in 2023.

Najam Sethi also said that they are awaiting two nominations and that they would then make an announcement about the election.

Fans of cricket have been dealt a harsh blow as a result of the departure of Najam Sethi, which comes amid political unpredictability. Many humans grew to become Twitter to voice their worries approximately the situation, at the same time as others used the platform to express their relief.


Who will take over because of the PCB’s main selector?

Haroon Rashid is the batter

On the twenty-third of January, 2023, in Lahore: Haroon Rashid, who performed as a batter for Pakistan within the beyond, has been selected to steer the men’s National Selection Committee. The other members of Rashid’s committee might be notified in due time.

What are the humans that make up the selection committee for the PCB?

Haroon Rashid serves as the chairman of the selection board for the senior men’s countrywide team. Other individuals on the committee are Kamran Akmal, Mohammad Sami, and Yasir Hameed. Tauseef Ahmed, Arshad Khan, Shahid Nazir, and Shoaib Khan are participants of the choice committee for the country-wide men’s junior sides, even as Kamran Akmal serves as the committee’s chairperson.

How is the chairman of the PCB doing now?

The announcement makes it possible for Zaka Ashraf to reclaim his position as chairman of the PCB. Najam Sethi, the temporary head of the Pakistan Cricket Board, said on June 20 that he would not pursue a permanent job in the PCB after withdrawing his name from consideration to become the organization’s next chairman.


Najam Sethi has announced that he will step down as Chairman of the PCB. Zaka Ashraf will take over in that role for the third time.

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