How to Transfer Balance Between SIMs – Jazz, Ufone, Telenor, and Zong


Are you the kind of person that takes pleasure in helping others? Would you want to learn how to pass on balance whenever others most need it? We’re happy to inform you. You may now send balance transfer requests to your friends or loved ones so they can share their account balance with you. The telecom company in Pakistan enables money transfers between sims for the general public. They may now demand that somebody else give them money so they can call if they are struggling and drive on someone else’s balance.

Methods for Balance Transfer Inside Networks (2023)

The most practical methods for transferring your mobile balance to your phone are listed below. You can genuinely support your buddy in their hour of need by just dialing a number.

Share Code for Jazz Balance

With a fantastic Jazz Share offer, you may share balances with your loved ones. Jazz transfer is a simple, adaptable solution that enables users to transfer balances between 15 and 500 Pakistani rupees. With the help of this service, you may always stay in contact and connected to your loved ones.

Balance Transfer
Balance Transfer

You will be asked to confirm the message while using Jazz Share. The purchase will be completed as soon as a notification is received.

Terms and Conditions

  • Both parties must have prepaid accounts.
  • Jazz-sharing requests may only be made five times per day.

Share Code for Zong Balance

Both balance requests and balance transfers are options offered by Zong Yaari Load. Customers who use the balance transfer feature may give their loved ones a loan when they need it. By enabling users to ask for money from relatives and friends at any moment, Balance Request helps customers in dire situations.

Terms and Conditions

  • Only prepaid consumers are eligible for this service.
  • The customer’s account must have an initial balance of PKR 5.62 after Yaari Load.
  • A consumer is permitted a maximum of five transactions per day.

Share Code for Ufone Balance

The Ufone Ushare service allows mobile customers to share their balances with loved ones.

It just takes 2 steps to share your balance with Ushare. A message will be shown to the consumer when they call the code, and they must respond with the number 1 to send the specified amount.

Terms & Conditions

  • Customers are only permitted a total of four transactions each day.
  • A single transaction may now only split PKR 600 worth of balance across Ufone subscribers. A new transaction must be started if the transfer amount exceeds PKR 600.

Share Code for the Telenor Balance

The Telenor Smart Share service makes you the real hero for others around you. Quickly and quickly transfer balance.

Press 1 to authorize the balance transfer while you input the code on your phone. Both the sender of the message and the recipient will get a notification of the transaction once the amount has been transferred.

Balance Transfer
Balance Transfer

Terms and Conditions

  • You may split any sum between 20 and 200 Pakistani rupees.
  • The balance’s validity term will be the same.
  • There is a daily limit of 10 uses for Smart Share.


How can I transfer my Jazz to Zong balance?

A Jazz to Zong balance cannot be shared. Only the same networks may share the balance using the methods described above.

Can we transfer the balance between networks?

No, is the response. Only other members of the same network may share the balance. For instance, you may share balance across Jazz accounts, but not between Jazz and Zong.

If I accidentally transfer the remaining funds to the incorrect phone, would I get a return of my money?

No, you must include the correct amount you desire to contribute as well as the recipient’s phone number in your writing.

How can I sign up for the sharing balance feature?

Shared balances don’t need a subscription. All you need to do to start the transfer is call the relevant prefixes for your network from the list above.


The most practical methods for transferring your mobile balance to your phone. You can genuinely support your buddy in their hour of need by just dialing a number.

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